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What questions should I ask a potential piercer?

Whether you call piercers on the phone or visit their studios, there are some great questions you should ask before asking price.  If your biggest concern for your new piercing is cost, you may be compromising quality and safety.  It becomes more expensive to pay for a low-cost piercing that you have to abandon after a short period of time, and pay for again, for the same service from a more qualified piercer.

1. Ask to see the autoclave where your jewelry and piercing implements are sterilized.  If there is no autoclave for you to see be very concerned.  An autoclave is the only practical means a piercer has to sterilize properly.  Accept no exceptions.  Soaking jewelry and tools in a disinfectant is not  sterilization.

2. Ask if there are spore tests on record for you to see.  If the piercer says no, or doesn't even know what that means, be cautious.  A spore test is the monthly test done by a laboratory to verify the sterilizers are working properly.  These test results should always be available for the public to see.  Just ask.

3. Ask the piercer if they use internally threaded barbells.  If the studio uses externally threaded barbells for initial piercings then it's not likely any of their jewelry is of good quality.

4. Ask the piercer if they're members of the Association of Professional Piercers.  APP members have met personal minimum requirements and the studios they pierce in have also met environmental minimum standards.  You can find a current list of member piercers here.  APP members have all signed a contract with the organization to continue to meet these minimum requirements during their membership.  If your potential piercer is not a member ask why, it's easy and inexpensive.

5. Whether or not your potential piercer is an APP member, ask them if they attend the APP's annual professional conference.  This annual event is the best educational opportunity in the world for piercers and it happens every summer in Las Vegas.  Every piercer should strive to attend

6. Ask if the piercing or jewelry you're interested in is available from the piercer or studio.  Not every piercer provides every piercing and jewelry item.

7. Ask your future piercer if their portfolio features healed images of the piercings you're interested in.  Piercers like to have pictures of their work to showcase their experience, but pictures of fresh piercings aren't an indicator of success.

8. Ask your piercer about schedule, age and ID requirements, and availability.  This information will vary from studio to studio, and piercer to piercer, even in the same studio.  For age and ID requirements at New Flower Studio scroll down to the minors section.

How much do piercings cost?

In most professional studios you will pay two basic charges, a service fee and jewelry costs.  Service fees can range from only $15.00 for an introductory ear lobe piercing up to $75.00 for some genital piercings.  Sold separately, jewelry can start at as little as $15.00 for a captive bead ring or cost many hundreds of dollars for gold.  In California, there is no tax on your service fee, but you will pay tax on jewelry.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

Many clients would like to save money by bringing jewelry with them.  Most of the time it's not usable.  It's never appropriate to wear jewelry in a new body piercing that has been previously worn by another person.  Also, California has regulations for piercers that require certain quality materials be used in fresh piercings.  Unfortunately, jewelry sold in stores and many piercing studios does not meet these standards and can not be used at New flower Studio, Inc. Jewelry comes in many materials, styles, and sizes and your piercer will help you determine the best fit for your particular anatomy, let your piercer sell you your new jewelry.  Lastly,  jewelry needs to have a mirror finish free from scratches and all barbells need to be internally threaded

Does it hurt?

Most clients describe a new piercing as a pinch or some pressure.  There's definitely some discomfort with a piercing, but it's usually minimal and very fast.  John Johnson will walk you through your new piercing and give you the most comfortable experience possible.

Do you numb the area first?

No, it's not legal to do so.  Only a licensed anesthesiologists can professionally administer anesthetic of any type.  Clients who are relaxed and calm usually report that their piercing wasn't nearly as intense as they expected.

Do you take credit and debit cards?                                                                       

Yes, we take all major credit cards and cash.  We do not accept checks.

What is the piercing schedule?

The studio opens every day at 11:00am.  The last piercing client is signed in at 7:00pm.  It's suggested that you make an appointment.  You can use the Book Now button at the bottom of the page to do so.

Do I need an appointment?

No, walk-ins are available during normal piercing hours.   Upcoming changes to our schedule will be posted on the main page as well as information on guest piercers who may be working while John or Chris are away.  John invites you to visit guest piercers and trust them to take good care of you when he's not available.

What is required for a piercing?

Anyone at least 18 years old with a government ID can be pierced.  New Flower Inc. accepts driver's licenses, state ID's, military ID's, and passports from all states and countries.   No other form of identification will be accepted.  We do not accept school IDs.  This is non-negotiable, please don't ask. 

Do you pierce minors?

Minors wanting to be pierced must be at least 16 years old with a government ID as mentioned above, also have a birth certificate, and a parent present also with an ID.  This is non-negotiable, please don't ask for exceptions.

Where are you located?

We're easy to find in the College Center Plaza at 1180 Studebaker Rd in Long Beach.  We're at the corner of Studebaker and Anaheim, north of 7th street and south of the 405 freeway.  We're about 1 mile south of El Dorado Park.

Where do I park?

We are the only piercing studio in Long Beach with a parking lot.  You'll have no problem finding a parking space.

Can my friends watch?

Each piercing client is free to bring one person into the piercing room to watch.  That person must remain seated.

How do I take care of a piercing?

Click here for John's suggested aftercare guidelines.

Can I drink alcohol before my piercing?

Absolutely not.  No person under the influence of any drugs, alcohol included, will be pierced at New Flower Studio.  The piercers maintain the right to refuse service to anyone at their discretion.  This is non-negotiable.  If you've been drinking, even a small amount, the best thing to do is wait until another day.  Thank you.

Can my friend take pictures or video of my piercing?

Please ask your piercer when you're with them.  Different piercers will have different policies.  Generally before and after pictures aren't a problem, but some piercers prefer not to have their picture taken while they work.  This is our professional environment and when clients leave with pictures or video of us working we have no control over where these images go or how they're used.  Please ask your piercer in advance what their policy is.  It is never appropriate to take pictures or video of someone else without their consent. 

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