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"The Daith Piercing Myth"

If you follow blogs or subscribe to any online news sources that are likely to deliver content that may be related to body art you've certainly seen Daith piercings lately. FYI, Daith is pronounced "doth." A story reappears online every couple of years alleging this piercing is a cure for migraine pain. The basic idea is that this particular part of the ear is a pressure point acupuncturists use for clients with migraines. 

There are tons of online journalists writing about this topic right now, and they always over simplify acupuncture and provide poor information about body piercing. This is because the authors don't truly understand either field. Acupuncture sees a person's ailments as a result of imbalances to the body's many systems, and then treats these specific systems. Ten people may have migraine headaches for ten different reasons and need ten different treatment types. To say that a single point on the body is for a single purpose isn't exactly how it works. Especially since acupuncturists will use several points during a treatment and always prescribe herbs to help support the treatment for the next several days. Also, if we accepted that this one piercing had an effect on the body, what about other piercings? Would they not have an effect on the body as well? What about negative effects? New Flower Studio piercer John Johnson has been an acupuncture patient for over 22 years and has discussed the relationship between these treatments and piercing many times and has always been assured there is no application of piercing in any way related to acupuncture.

The reason we're talking about this in this month's blog is because of the increase in requests for Daith piercings at New Flower. We're very happy to do them for you, especially Vanessa. But, we have to be clear, there is no evidence at all to support any claims of pain relief. A client who loves piercings and thinks this is a fun one with great jewelry options will be happy. But if you're looking for something more please be cautious. Until there's a body of scientific evidence supporting the claim that Daith piercings can offer migraine relief no studio, piercer, blogger, or anyone else should be reporting otherwise.  If you believe a piercing can help, you also need to believe it can make things worse if not done properly.  And no piercer in the world has ever been trained to properly perform a piercing for the purpose of providing treatment of any type.  There is simply no standard for this. Which ear do we pick?  What size or material of jewelry?  What is the proper placement, depth, or angle?  There are no answers to these questions in regards to pain relief.

We do wish you well, but if you're looking for non-medical pain relief we suggest visiting a qualified acupuncturist.  If you're looking for a great piercing please visit a qualified piercer.  New Flower can assume no responsibility for helping people with their headaches.