Gold rings in nostril piercings at New Flower Studio in Long Beach

August 24, 2014
Gold rings in nostril piercings at New Flower Studio in Long Beach
Lindsay stopped by the studio and upgraded her two nostril piercings from John Johnson with gold rings.  Gold is always a great idea for piercings, but rings are usually reserved for healed nostril piercings, at least three months old.  Visit us near CSULB to look our selection of Gold jewelry for your nose piercings.

New Flower at the APP conference in Las Vegas

June 20, 2014
It's an unusual event when you see Chris, Kenny, and John in one place at the same time.

John and Chris give Bloodborne pathogens training to piercers along with Rick Frueh and Brian Oviatt.

Former APP Vice President John Johnson and former President Elayne Angel finished their terms during conference this year.  What will they do now?  Find other projects to work on for the association.

Out with the old, in with the new right?  New Flower's Chris Glunt assumed the position of Medical Liaison in...
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Three point industrial piercing with gems and dangles Long Beach

June 18, 2014

You haven't really worn jewelry until you worn gems dangling from your Industrial piercing.  New Flower Studio piercers do work like this everyday.  Visit us to see what we have for you.

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Body piercer Bethra Szumski visits New Flower Studio

May 3, 2014
We were thrilled to have friend Bethra Szumski in town for a day.  She's the owner of Virtue and Vice in Atlanta, and the current Secretary of the Association of Professional Piercers.  We get a lot of wonderful piercers visiting New Flower Studio in Long Beach and her visit was very exciting!

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Body Piercing Survey for Long Beach Students and Residents

March 21, 2014
Thanks for your interest in New Flower Studio Body Piercing.  We've got a short 10 question survey for you.  Once finished we'll give you a $5.00 coupon to use in our studio.  Click here.

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white gold septum clicker from Maria Tash

February 25, 2014
This fancy cz septum clicker from New York's Maria Tash came in. Expect to see more items similar to this on our shelves as we get closer to summer.  Someone's gotta keep septums shiny in Long Beach, welcome to New Flower Studio.

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mint green triple conch piercing by kenny crespo

February 21, 2014
New Flower Studio body piercer did another triple conch using Neometal.  Long Beach definitely has style.  Our piercing studio is super busy and creative and fun projects like this happen everyday.

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triple conch piercing by Kenny Crespo at New Flower Studio

January 29, 2014
Kenny Crespo did this amazing set of conch piercings using champagne gem ends from NeoMetal.  Look through his portfolio and decide which style of ear projects is perfect for you.  This is Kenny's specialty. You can also see his personal website at

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New Body Piercing Image Portfolio for New Flower in Long Beach

January 14, 2014
Body Piercer John Johnson has added a new piercing portfolio to NewFlowerStudiocom.  Check out the new images here.  If you've been pierced by John and would like to be seen in his portfolio please visit the studio.

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2000 body piercings in Long Beach at New Flower Studio!

January 1, 2014
Thanks to all our wonderful piercing clients who've helped us reach this milestone.  In February 2012 we did our 1000th piercing.  It took us almost exactly one year.  This time, we did the same amount in only 10 months.  Thanks to all of you the flower is growing.

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