Ear Piercing Guns by Selene Torres for New Flower Studio Body Piercing in Long Beach, CA

March 3, 2015
Ear Piercing Guns by Selene Torres for New Flower Studio Body Piercing in Long Beach, CA

For many people piercing guns are a fast, cheap, and easy way to get their ears pierced. But this method of piercing is not necessarily harmless and can cause serious damage. The mechanism used to pierce is a relatively blunt force and they are more likely to expose people to transmitted diseases than professional piercing in a more controlled environment. Ear piercing guns aren't sterilized in between uses doesn't happen and their users are under-trained for disease prevention.

On July 13, 1880 Illinois inventor Edward Seyfarth patented his invention “the earpiercer.” This device was constructed of two bars hinged together at one end with a socket to receive and on the other end a tube with a spring triggered needle to pierce. Edward Seyfarth writes “The object of this invention is to furnish earpiercers so constructed that the puncture can be made in exactly the desired spot and so quickly as to be painless”. Originally designed and intended for earlobes, piercing guns are often misused by piercing other body parts like ear cartilage, nostrils, and navels, all of which are likely will have a bad result.  There many well documented cases of damage to cartilage caused by ear piercing guns.

Piercing guns today are still only designed for earlobes. The most common style is shaped like a handgun. When the trigger is pulled it uses a spring action to push pointed jewelry, usually a stud, through the earlobe. Many piercing guns have a non-removable cartridge that holds the jewelry. This cartridge does come in contact with the lobe and exposes it to blood and other fluids from every use. Other models of piercing guns do have cartridges that are disposable and minimize exposure, but not completely because the rest of the piercing gun is still exposed.  When manufactured, a piercing gun may be sterilized using gas or radiation, but it is impossible to sterilize the gun itself after it’s been used for the first time for a piercing. Most piercing guns are made of plastic that can’t withstand the heat, steam, and temperature conditions of autoclave sterilization.

Another problem with ear piercing guns is the jewelry that is commonly provided. Pre-loaded jewelry cartridges usually have standard length studs that won't accommodate for swelling. Many people will find that their new jewelry has little to no extra post length to relieve the pressure. Also, much of the jewelry provided does not meet the ASTM metal standards considered safe for long term use in the human body. In a professional piercing studio like New Flower, body jewelry, even for ear lobes, comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials so we can tailor fit each piece to the person.  Body piercing should never be one-size-fits-all.  Our stainless steel jewelry is ASTM F-138 and our titanium is ASTM F-136.  These are the implant standards for both these common metals.  We also keep factory provided mill certificates on location for everything we have.  You can also trust that our sterilization systems are the most current in the industry and spore tested regularly to meet guidelines and regulations for the Association of Professional Piercers and the state of California.


Arizona Adventures

February 18, 2015
John and colleague Brett Perkins (Anomaly, Pasadena) took a 1500 mile trip over three days to the world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and ended up driving going to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Meteor Crater.  They stopped first in Phoenix to spend the night with former APP board member Dana Dinius from HTC piercing,


Next stop was the gem show in Tucson.  Brett Perkins also uses his piercing studio to make body jewelry using stone and gems.  This was his annual trip to the show to stoc...

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Niobium body jewelry in Long Beach, CA for body piercing

February 5, 2015

Niobium Body Jewelry by Selene Torres, February 2015

Many jewelry standards vary in quality but at New Flower Studio in Long Beach we offer jewelry from the biggest names in the industry. From the available materials like glass, titanium, steel, and gold, niobium is one of the most unique metals. Like titanium, niobium can be anodized, and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic benefits its use in jewelry as well.  The selection of niobium jewelry in piercing studios is usually much smaller tha...

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Anatometal Flowers in Long Beach at New Flower Piercing

January 4, 2015
Kenny Crespo is our ear piercing specialist at New Flower Studio.  He proves it again with this perfect Flat piercing with this flower gem end from Anatometal.
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Neometal in a triple flat piercing by Kenny Crespo at New Flower

December 27, 2014
New Flower is the only studio in Long beach that offers Neometal brand's jewelry.  It's incredibly user friendly and made with beautiful Swarovski gems.  Visit the studio and see what we can do with your ears!
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New Amethyst Jewelry in Long Beach at New Flower Studio

December 19, 2014
This pair of genuine Amethyst plugs and Conch pins came today from Heart on Sleeve jewelry.  These are a special order for one of our clients who doesn't yet know he's getting them for Christmas.
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Neometal Trinity Gem ends available in Long Beach at New Flower

December 5, 2014
John did this ear cartilage piercing with this trinity setting and Champagne CZ gems.
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Piercer Kenny Crespo Faux-Rook with Neometal at New Flower Studio

October 21, 2014
Kenny did this faux-Rook with a titanium trinity gem cluster from Neometal.  This is a new design that's been very popular for ear cartilage, tragus, ear lobe, and rook piercings!

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Born this Way visits New Flower Studio in Long Beach

October 10, 2014
Bryan Thomas, owner of Born this Way in Knoxville, TN, visited LA for a few days and we were proud to have him visit New Flower Studio in Long Beach.  BtW is one of the premiere studios in the U.S. and hanging out with him was exciting!

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Gold rings in nostril piercings at New Flower Studio in Long Beach

August 24, 2014
Lindsay stopped by the studio and upgraded her two nostril piercings from John Johnson with gold rings.  Gold is always a great idea for piercings, but rings are usually reserved for healed nostril piercings, at least three months old.  Visit us near CSULB to look our selection of Gold jewelry for your nose piercings.

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