Last month, John made another trip to study tea in China, this time to Yunnan.  Global Tea Hut magazine hosts an annual trip to China each year for its members.  The group this year had citizens from 11 different countries who spent a total of 47 hours on a bus.  The gang met in Yunnan's capital Kunming, then went on to Ai Lao mountain and Jingmai mountain at the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.  

  Kunming, Yunnan, China

  John accidentally sitting in a class at a tea university.  

  This is the entrance to a protected area of Jingmai.  There are tea trees here over 1,000 years old and the group had to be accompanied by members of the local Dai tribe.

  John visited the opera in Guandu.

  The group hiked to this waterfall to have tea.

  Picture of one of the Jingmai villages they stayed in.

  Here's a small amount of Puerh tea.

  The crew of zen tea drinkers.

  A beautiful tea room in Kunming.

  Ku Chong lady preparing tea with black sugar, rice, and pine.

  This is how you travel through the mountains.

  Ceremony at the Hongyi university.

  Locals came out to meet the weird tourists!

  Learning how to process tea.

1,000 arm Guanyin at a temple.

  Happy to finally arrive.

  Sorting through tea.

  Tea cakes waiting to be wrapped.

  This is what breakfast in the mountains looks like.

  Tea at a house in Kunming.

  Hiking in Jingmai where these old trees are sacred to the local tribes.

  Street tea in a village.

  View from the guesthouse in Ai Lao.

  A very long uphill day.

  Master Tsai talking about tea withering.